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Sound With a DCC decodeur

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Some month ago, I bought the SNCF ROCO Y8002 (with DCC decodeur) and I enjoyed to run it with good sounds across an CS3 Marklin.
Few weeks ago, I changed the CS3 for an ECOS ESU (nothing to push with the finger)
Unfortunately, I lost the sound!
Perhaps, Somebody can tell me which parameter I need to modify for retrieving these sounds?
Regards and Thanks
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Hi I am Knew to the Ecos 2 but today i found a few new things.put engine on programming track and go to screen with Maintenance section to read decoder with lok on track see if the decoder can be read.
If not try a Master reset on Decoder. If I remember correctly ROCO are using Zimo decoders. In the past i have had a few failures with ROCO sound decoders and had to send back under Warranty which is 2 years.Babs
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