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QUOTE (alanb @ 20 Feb 2009, 15:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>For some time now, I have been wondering why there is all the fuss about having sound in your engines.

For me it makes the model more realistic and it adds to the operating of the layout. Watching non sound locos for me is somewhat boaring, its just not as it is in the real world and thats what I am trying to recreate. If its not got sound it might as well be unpainted!

I tried it once with a Diesel, and frankly it drove me mad.
I have a large loft layout with 340' of track, and I much prefer to hear the train noise from the wheels on the track, and the clickety clack as they run over points and gaps in the rails.

You could have lowered the volume and heard everything

The other question that bugs me is how is it compatible with DCC.
The idea of DCC, and the reason most people change over for, is the ability to run more than a couple of trains at a time. I have had five running at the same time with no problem.

But unless on dcc you can not take the train where you want to if another is on the same section of track and you cant play addams family trainset. Dc is so restrictive in comparison to the ease dcc makes realistic running available

Can you imagine the noise of a couple of steamers and three diesels running around at the same time?

Yes, ?I have had over 20 sound loco started up at the same time on my depot layout! In practise though, you dont tend to run more than 2-3 at a time as YOU become the driver

It would be like having five radios on all tuned to different stations - a complete cacophony.
So to run sound, you will be restricted to running one train at a time. Worse than DC.

utter tosh

A good example is the complaints you hear from people who have been at shows where layouts adjacent to each other both have engines with sound running at the same time.

A bit of an urban myth this. You can not hear my sound locos ata show from more than 4 feet away. Its the anti sound mob who pretend they can hear the sound locos when in reality, the loudest and dominant sound at any show is the waffle comming from the public.

What I would like to have, is the ability to just have the sound of the whistle or horn. The horn was the only thing I liked, but you had to have the sound on to get it.
I reckon a decoder doing that would sell well. It would only need one decoder with the ability to select one or the other. I would be in the market for at least 15.

tis can be done, but again you might as well just paint the tender and leave the engine in plastic lol

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