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QUOTE What I would like to have, is the ability to just have the sound of the whistle or horn. The horn was the only thing I liked, but you had to have the sound on to get it.
I reckon a decoder doing that would sell well. It would only need one decoder with the ability to select one or the other. I would be in the market for at least 15.

I mentioned this to a Bachmann rep at one of the Peco DCC weekends a couple of years ago. He liked the idea but as you can tell nothing has come of it. There is a Zimo decoder which has the ability to store one short sound but I've not seen or heard of any examples. Perhaps "John" will spot this post and direct us at one

I think the idea of a whistle or horn is a good one. I do wonder if the reason for it not becoming available is that you come so close to having all of a sound chip that the saving of ROM space is not worth it. It may also be the case that as a relative novelty, the manufacturers can sell all they can make, so why divert time and effort into making something else and get less money back.

As for the scenario of five locos with sound at the same time, I'm one short of that at the moment but at two diesels and two steam it's not unbearable in my attic. I do use the whistles / horns a lot...

1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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