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The Signal Box Ltd at 1, Albion St, Anstey, LEICESTER, LE7 7DD, UK has an enormous range of DVDs and videos. They can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] - they do not have a website.

Their catalogue has over 40 pages of 'Overseas Railways' (as seen from the UK viewpoint). I noted some 20 DVD/Video productions, particularly by Alcazar Video, Ray Freeman Productions, Ross Rail Video Productions, Roy Laverick Video and one or two others which are either entirely about SA railways (and often adjacent countries) or include footage of same - eg quite a few on Garratt locos.

The catalogue is free in the UK, but A4 sized and 150 pages long, so I imagine they might ask for postage & packing costs to send outside the UK.

Hope this is of help.
John Webb

PS Would DVDs sold in the UK be playable in Australia with the 'Regions' thing?
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