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Spares for obsolete models.

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I require to replace a damaged bogy for the Class 158 23M (2 car) Diesel Multiple Unit - bogy on trailer coach.
Part 500- 1?? molded plastic that clips into bogy to retain in place the axle and wheels - this part also receives the self taper screw, holding bogy to chassis. The power pickups Part 500-121 and screw Part 500-116 fix to either side of this part 500-1??.
Bachmann advise that spares or bogies are no longer stock items.
If any reader of this Forum, know of a contact, information will be most appreciated.
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The Lima spares supplier that Hornby recently featured in their news section on their website also does a small range of Bachmann spares. However, my list only covers steam locomotive parts so I don't know if they do DMU spares. You will need to contact M.B Models for an update and they don't have a website. They may know of other Bachmann spares suppliers:-

Happy modelling
Gary - I have tried my charm in trying to obtain a replacement molded plastic part for my Bachmann class 158 two car set diesel multiple unit - however my charm has deserted me on this occasion - as Bachmann service section are simply ignoring my pleas for this replacement part.
I will try with using my best charm the names you have quoted.
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In this day and age, we almost take it for granted that suppliers will maintain a web site, but there are many who, although regularly advertising in the model press, do not.

To save having to visit the Hornby site first, here is the contact information from Model Rail magazine.
It's good to have this kind of info on record here.

M. B. Models
32 Conery Gardens
(one n is apparently correct!)
NG13 9FD

Tel/Fax 01949-50063

Lima and Bachmann
"Over a thousand spare parts in stock"
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We keep a full inventory of Fleischmann spares listed on our website and increasing numbers of modellers are sourcing parts this way.

It is not always that easy to identify the part but Fleischmann's system of prefixing the model number with a standard code for, say, valve gear, means that once you know these codes you can have a stab at the part number. We do, however, keep a full set of HO and N gauge technical manuals for this manufacturer (for 'phone and email enquiries) and their supply of spares is a model of Teutonic efficiency.

60134 - here's an excuse for a classic 'shameless plug'!

How about a link to your web site?

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In the interests of impartiality I'll leave that to Doug but we have sponsored a competition here.....

MB Models - in search of a spare part for my Bachmann Class 158 DMU, I was grateful in reading MB Models address in these columns.
I contacted MB Models by first class mail and too enclosed a SAE - unfortunately a reply from MB Models is not to hand.
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