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Welcome to the Forum.
You don't say how old your Pricess Victoria loco is. Triang, then Hornby, have made versions of this for many years.
I suggest you try the Hornby website and you can download the service sheet(s) for all their current and recent range of locos. You should find the RXXXX number of your loco, marked on it somewhere, to check you've got the right sheet. This will give you all the parts and their numbers. You can order direct from Hornby for current/recent models or via a local Hornby agent.
You could also try: who are in Burnley who specialize in replacing/repairing old motors, fitting new wheels and the like. I have not used either of these people, but they regularly advertise in 'Railway Modeller' and other magazines.
Hope this is of help,
John Webb
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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