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QUOTE Also got back a Duchess I'd added sound to - sound and DCC was still really nice but the valve gear has knitted itself into a knot!

NOT my problem really but the customer has nowhere to go wit hsuch problmes here in OZ really... so I stripped it again, this time removing all valve gear and wheels and rebuilt it. EVERY rivet was sloppy and several rods bent.

I thought I was the only one, who every now and then has to rebuild a motion set. I had one customer who did a great demolition job with a black 5 by running it on a Hornby Rolling road where the rollers were not lined up. He then spun the loco flat out until something gave and manged wreck the entire motion. The Duchess does seem to be a favorite for wrecked motion I've done several of those, and the earlier Merchant navy as well.
Full marks to Hornby I wrote and explained that this bloke had had a problem and I got a complete motion set for free. but it still took time to sort out. Actually from general observation I think hornby have improved their quality over the last couple of years, for mass production it's not that bad. It's a pity they don't retro some of the recent improvement into some of their old models, both the models and the packaging.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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