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Hi everyone newbie with my first post.

I am trying to setup a couple of 0-4-0 locos using the Zimo system (Speilcomp) using a capacitor to aide running over points, the problem is I am using Lenze decoders. I know I can use the blue wire as +V but I am not sure where to take the 0V from. The decoders I am trying to use are L1000 (with extra solder pads) L1025 (with extra solder pads) and Silver decoders which are hard wired and no solder pads. Can anyone point me in the right direction ??

cheers Eddy

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My understanding of the Zimo system of capacitor storage is that the decoder itself has components on board to help you do this, the Lenz does not. This is why the Lenz accessory which provides the same function is so much more expensive. In other words, I don't think you should try the Zimo solution on the Lenz decoder. I picked this information up from either the Zimo manual or Lenz, I don't recall which.

I have built an experimental Zimo unit and run some tests on a Zimo decoder. For my installation - a Hornby 2-6-4T which pickups on six coupled wheels, I found that I needed rather a lot of capacitance so the unit got rather large. I think I would be better sorting out why the pickups / chassis on the 2-6-4T are not always working.

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