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Squeaky Bachmann Mk 1 coaches

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I've got a really irritating problem with my Bachmann Mk 1 coaches. The wheels (presumably the bearings) squeak intermittently as the trains run. I've tried replacing the Bachmann wheels with Jacksons but still this irritating ringing sound continues. No doubt others have experienced this. Anybody got any solutions?
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Try a drop of light oil on the axle ends...
But not mineral oil such as 3-in-1, use something like Peco Electrolube.
A couple of years ago I had a set of Bachmann Liliput DB coaches that had worn out the axelboxes. I mentioned this to Graham Hubbard at Nurnberg & he said that the bearings should be lubricated with a tiny drop of silicone grease or similar before use.

He also suggested that I return the set to them, this I did & the coaches were promtly returned with new bogies - full marks then to Bachmann !
Intermittent squeaks are usually the extending coupler mechanism. I quite like the effect when these 'talk' going through pointwork and entering curves. A little light plastic compatible grease will quieten them if required.
I prefer to use a little graphite powder where the bearing is accessible. It's a very good lubricant, and being dry, doesn't build up into a paste with the inevitable dust accumulation.
My Bachmann intermodal container wagons squeel too i put it down to the curves making one wheel drag as the wheel skates and drags (like a locked diff in a car as opossed to a differential), they dont do it on staright tracks, I too quite like the sound it makes.
Thanks for the advice.
One of the posts above refers to using silicone grease on the axleboxes. Where did you obtain this?
I got some from a model shop. The fellow simply took some from his huge
bottle and gave to me free of charge. You don't really need a lot.
A half teaspoon can last you ages.

I used graphite powder before and they work very well, too. They are even easy to
get. Just spend some 40 pence to buy a pencil with rating 4B or higher and
scratch powers from it.
QUOTE (steverabone @ 6 Jan 2008, 09:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One of the posts above refers to using silicone grease on the axleboxes. Where did you obtain this?

If you have no luck at your local model shop then AFAIK you can get it from fishing tackle shops.
My coaches do this, the ones from the royal scot set, so I added some peoc electrolube like you said and it has worked!

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