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QUOTE (simonj @ 7 Nov 2007, 18:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I never imagined somebody would sell a layout they had built, what sort of price do they command? The Noch preformed layouts are a small fortune and thats before you add track and buildings.

We purchased St.Laurent from the original builder (Bill Roberts) who was about to dismantle it & salvage some of the parts for the next project. It had "run it's time" with him & was due for a makeover.

As Bill is personal friend & he was glad to see SL go to a good home (& receive a makeover) it changed hands for the value of the "salvageable" bits.

At the end of the day a layout (as is anything) is worth, in monetry terms what someone is prepared to pay for it.

Generally, though, you will never get the cost of the materials back, let alone anything for your time when you sell a layout, after all we are following a hobby.
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