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Standard Class 5MT - wrong tender cab - Bachmann Statement

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QUOTE (Bachmann Press Statement)73050 (Catalogue Number 32-507) also limited edition model of 73050 'City of Peterborough' for British Railway Modelling magazine

Due to both of the above models being manufactured with the wrong tender cab and tender due to human error, we have subsequently carried out an internal investigation to establish where in the process this error occurred.

The prototype pictures we have (which show the correct cab and BR1G tender formation as specified for this model) and the original hand finished version (produced by one of our model makers from these photographs) match. They show the correct cab and tender combination correct to the photographs.

After discussions with the factory in China, we agreed the following remedial action, which had been communicated previously.

• Further supplies are not being released from Barwell until new bodies and tenders have been received and fitted.

• Customers holding one of these models previously released will have the option of receiving replacement bodies and tenders through our Service Department. PLEASE NOTE - THESE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR SOME WEEKS and will be air freighted to us to speed up the process.

• Customers who purchased the limited edition model from British Railway Modelling will be contacted regarding replacement bodies for their models.
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How does this sort of thing happen? I really am amazed.

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