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The track is the same for DC/DCC.

QUOTE wheres the best place to get dc controller
Do you mean DCC controller rather than DC? If DCC then you should look for a model shop which has a good reputation for supporting their customers who are just starting out. Not all shops have this knowledge.

QUOTE if theres any decent model shops in berkshire? around bracknell area

I don't know of any west of Bracknell but there may be some to the east. The Model Shop in Alton is very good but I'm not sure about their support for DCC. The last time I was there I bought a couple of locos and forgot to ask about decoders and they didn't think to remind me either. I noticed an ad in the back of this month's Hornby magazine for a new model shop in Basingstoke called "Church Street Models". They are at 10A Church Street. They don't list any DCC suppliers in the list of products they stock. Further afield there is Howes of Kidlington, north of Oxford. I don't know what their DCC support is like but they have their own range of sound decoders.

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