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starting a model railway

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i had a basic set up when i was younger. just before dc starting coming in.
I want to start a new layout of my own and i want the set up all uptodate, can some one tell me the things i need i.e do i need special track to acomidate DC/DCC? wheres the best place to get dc controller, and does anyone know if theres any decent model shops in berkshire? around bracknell area. the ones i used to go to have gone. help apreciated
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It might be a good idea to go to some exhibitions and have a look at what others are doing, and then asking some questions. I notice that the Marlow/Maidenhead exhibition is on this weekend, and members of this forum are exhibiting there, so don't be afraid to ask, as long as they are not too busy operating. If you can't make this, then in a fortnight there are shows at Guildford (Astolat) and Tolworth. Guildford is a smaller show, but very friendly, as I know, having exhibited there myself!
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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