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QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 20 Jul 2008, 22:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A 2" rise in 10ft is actually 1 in 60. however if you have a bit of transistion top and bottom this will end up with the main part being at about 1 in 50 so that should be O.K. The other side 2" in 9ft averages 1 in 54 so again with transistion the main part will be about 1 in 45.

Hi, for the all important transition between flat and incline I used good old polyfilla over stepped layers of cork to form the very gradual transition to the inclined baseboard. I took some time and care to get it looking just right. At the top I left a bit of the inclined baseboard unsupported and the natural bend of the board from the top of the supported gradient to the flat worked beautifully - probably luck!

It's worth noting that I've found there is great inconsistency between RTR locos on their ability to cope with a challenging incline - my poorest performer in this respect is the Bachmann standard class 4 tank. (Let me know if you want a rundown of how my 20-odd locos perform!)

Cheers Mike
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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