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Starting Off

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Gday all

I have just recently purchased (for Xmas) a Fleishmann starter set - 7 6393, plus additional track from a hobby shop nearby, along with Fleishmann Loco 4080 with carriages 1401 - 02 - 03

I'm will be starting off on a 2.4m x 1.2m MDF or Ply board - unsure as yet and hopefully building off from there.

I look forward to any tips or pointing me in the right direction where to begin as I am a complete newbie to this apart from a Hornby set as a kid, that got smashed up in a B & E

Look forward to your tips and all the reading ahead on DCC

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Welcome to the forums - I'm sure you'll find all the expertise needed here (and then some!)
Welcome to MRF - nice to see that you are starting off with some quality models.
Hello and Welcome to the forum

There is lots to read in the DCC section , and there is also articles on bench work etc

Look after that lok

Regards Zmil
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Hi Nosy,

Welcome to the forum

You've made a good start in DCC with the Fleishmann

Enjoy the forums and keep us informed of progress on the layout
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Hi Nosy and welcome to the MRF from sunny Dubai.

Sounds as though you have made a good start purchase wise. Next task is to build some good, solid baseboards. There are various methods of doing this, depending on whether you intend having different levels with gradients or just be part of the 'flat earth' brigade. Just run a search on baseboards and you should come up with several recent threads on the subject.

Good luck with the layout. Look forward to seeing your progress.
Hi Nosy and welcome to MRF

It's always nice to welcome another continental modeller, although admittedly I do mode both sides of the channel.

Hi Nosey,

Welcome and enjoy the hobby

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Thanx for the messages

It all looks daunting at the moment, especially without anything in my hands as yet - come on Xmas (Big bloody kid)

Appreciate advice on baseboards

Zmil - that train has come to a good home
Hi Nosy

Glad to hear that , I still have his twin brother I had to trim down my collection a bit

There is an interesting layout in a small space in a shed that is worth a look to see what can be achieved in a small
space You will find the thread Here

Lots of pictures to look at


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