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Hi keekster64
Welcome to the forum You'll find plenty of suitable advise here for whatever you need to know.
Perhaps a trip to your local model shop is needed and there purchase a "Track Plans" book or two?
Hornby produce one and Peco do too.
Then comes the choice of track. Will you be using set track - Hornby or Peco styles for example or perhaps taking the plung and go for the slightly better option of Peco Steamline flexible track system and points etc?? But it doesn't stop there! Should you then chose "00" code 100 track system or code 75?? Code 100 would allow older rolling stock to run without any problems but code 75 while looking nicer may cause older stock to run poorly due to the flanges hitting the rail chairs. There are of course many other manufactures of "00" track systems. but the main two criteria are price and availability for a beginner.

Certainly you should be able to fit a "00" layout onto the boards size you have stated. (10X 6) With some scenic work undertaken later on the layout will look good, once all the tracks are down and wired etc
Good luck
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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