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I originally started DCC with a Hornby Select.

The problem was the same, in that if you had engine 1 running at full speed, and then selected engine 2 to run on half speed, returning to engine 1 caused it to go at the speed of the previous engine.
When changine engines, you had too try and remember what the setting was on the other engine, and try and quickly move the throttle to compensate.
It was this problem, and a few others, that caused me to ditch it.

I purchased a Prodigy Advanced 2, and have not looked back since.

The prodigy remembers the last throttle settings of all engines. When you select an engine, its last throttle speed is shown.
I think 'RAILSTIMULATOR' is confused, as Prodigy does not default to zero on selecting an engine. It may look like this, as normally you would have the throttle at zero when a train is stopped.
If you have a number of trains running, and you switch off the power, all trains obviously stop. If you then switch the power back on, nothing moves.
On selecting one of the engines, the controller will show what speed it was set at before switch off. A slight movement of the throttle will then send that train on its way at its original speed. Selecting the next train, and again a slight movement of the throttle will then restore all trains to their original speed.

I use the Lenz BM1 train control system, and all trains are set at their operational speed, and are controlled by signal lights. It is therefore imperative that the set speeds remain at all times when switching between trains.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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