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Actually, there are other controllers with the same problem as Robert describes. These are usually entry-level controllers. For example, I have an old Lenz Compact that suffers from that same problem of having fixed speeds for a given control knob position. I also have an NCE Cab 04P (the "P" stands for potentiometer) that does the same thing.

The standard NCE Power Cab / Pro Cab has a continuous wheel and buttons that have no fixed settings so "adapt" to whatever settings a locomotive was previously using when one toggles back to that locomotive. The Pro Cab stores up to six locomotives (the number is user-selectable) in memory slots and "remembers" each of their settings. The Power Cab only stores two trains at a time.

Neil S Wood has an ESU ECOS system and that gets over the problem by having motorised knobs, as well as having two of them! When another locomotive is recalled, the knob rotates under its own power to the previous setting for that locomotive (quite disconcerting, actually, until one gets used to it!!).

So, the simplified answer is: if you don't like the speed jump when recalling a different train while running a second (or third or fourth!) train, you will have to upgrade to a more sophisticated DCC controller and eitehr sell on your existing one or hook it up as a "slave" unit for occasional use or shunting.

Incidentally, the reason I have the Lenz Compact is that it was my "starter" unit while I experimented with DCC to see if it was the way I wanted to go. Needless to say, I was hooked!
There is nothing wrong with staying with what you have, as long as it does what you want it to. I would guess that somewhere down the track (was that a pun?
) you will want to upgrade to the higher-end unit. By that time there may be a whole new range of sophisticated units on the market.

Enjoy what you have and worry about the future only when you are ready to.
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