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QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 30 May 2008, 09:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Although I bought my Bachmann EZ DCC controller last year, I have only just got round to fitting decoders in three locmotives and started operating it.

One thing gave me cause for concern straight away. Suppose I press number 7 to start an express train and wind the control knob up to a fairly high speed. If I now press button 2 to start some shunting, the engine in the goods yard starts to accelerate and I have to frantically wind down the control knob. Of course, I can't wind down the control knob before pressing number 2 or the express will slow down.

The only way round this that I have discovered is to press 10 (for a non-DCC engine which I shall not have on the layout) turn the control knob all the way down and then press 2. I can then start the shunter very slowly.

Does this happen with all DCC systems? Have I got it right and there is no simpler way of doing it? Thanks, Robert.

Hornby Elite has 2 control knobs but even so you can re-select a second loco on any knob and run the new loco up from a standstill. Mind you the Elite knob is rate dependant and has no Min-Max setting - that is it goes round and round forever either way.
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