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I have a Grass Master which is truly a wonderful bit of kit. By building up the different colours and lenghts of grass fibre a really superb effect is possible.
I have also bought a puffer bottle to use in the awkward to get to areas as the Grass Master is about 12" long on you have to apply it vertically .I have tried different brands of "Grass" but find Noch's to be the best. I initially used PVA woodglue but it dried to gloss finish so now use Noch's own recommended glue which dries invisable.
I know that pehaps some people would consider paying £90 for my Grass Master excessive but I consider that this is my only real hobby and want to achieve as good a job as my skills will allow.
When I finish my layout in the next 12 months I can recoup some of my outlay by selling the Grass Master on e-bay !
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