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Hi all... My turn to ask a question rather than answer one! This is a question in two parts.

Part 1:
I have a broadly based UK model railway project underway and I would really appreciate some good information for the colours which were used on station fittings and Ironwork, especially station lamps as follows:

(I'm OK with LMS regions but have far too liitle real knowledge for the others.... especially after BR commenced)

Southern region before and after BR
GWR before and after BR
Eastern Region before and after BR

Was there a general BR-wide same colour at any stage?

and... was BR Crimson and cream used on stations much - either generally or in selected area / across regional borders as well?

Part 2:

I normally use Humbrol enamel for my modelling but for various reasons I'd like to use acrylics for this particular project:

I always mix my own colours - do any of you know if the same humbrol formulas for Railway colours will make up the same with their acrylic range, or is the pigment in the acrylic different enough to need significant changes?

Any good web references for using Tamiya or other acrylic brands as a source or mix base for UK paint colours????

If anyone has photos or drawings of how things were painted, or any good web references, I would really appreciate any links or images either here or direct to my email address

thanks in advnce for any positive input

kind regards


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Hi Richard,

I dont know about the colours used so cant help you there.

However when it comes to the paint I use test pots obtained from Mitre 10 or Benchmark. They can make any colour you want. All you need to do is match it to the colour chart.

I also use an acrylic softener to thin it (rather than water)



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Stations on Southern Railway BR Malachite green and cream really...................................... ( my friends scammell is in that picture )

and some at the mid hants

Hope these few at least give you an idea of southern railway colours

Take Care , Have Fun

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