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Has anyone got a template for steps as i have built my platform (metcalfe) and don't know how to build them, if anyone has a way of building them could you please let me know .many thanks chaps

I'll have a go as no-one else has responded, I am taking it that you need a flight of steps up to platform level to a station entrance door? Take the scale height of a step managed comfortably with two suitcases as 7 1/2", that will scale in OO to 2.5mm. Find card of that thickness, or balsa wood, and pile it up to reach the height of the platform at the place you want the steps. This way you will know how many layers/steps you'll need.

That's the 'upness' sorted out, now for the 'alongness'.

The width of the steps should be no less than 12", play safe, say 13", that scales up to about 4.5mm.

Pile up your pieces of material, one on top of the other, each successive step 4.5mm from the edge of the last. That will give a realistic step layout (called in the trade the 'rising and 'going' of a flight of stairs.)

Now you will know how big to make the bottom piece, and the next and so on. When all glued together in the right shape and size, cover the end/side that is not stepped with an appropriate brick/stone/plain paper. Hand rails if needed! OK?
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