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Station terminus

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Hi guts any one got an idea for a station termines with 4 or 6 lines in? How long should it be its for 125 an 225, eurostar. an how to build one, hornby roofs cant be put next to each other so its jus 2 lines. an how to setup a track layout, so trains to crash on entry an exit, i live in cardiff an have not bee to london since i was in primary school an iam not going just to see how its laid out bit far. Hope some one can help
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Try this:

Platform length allow a ft per carriage if it's deisel electric
for kettles add an extra ft for the engine.
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You should check out Faller as well (There's a link in the forum links section). I think it's Faller who do a glass roof which is not too continental in appearance, so it might do.

I think Columbo has told us how he made the roof for his model of York station. Use the forum search function with "York" and see what it turns up. He also showed us how made moulds for casting the walls that fill in the edge. Definitely worth searching for.

As I remember the hornby over roofs can be used side by side, you just need to use only one set of legs per extra span as its a snap together assemble anyway. Tha only done side is you need to have a steady hand to paint in the moulded beams on the clear parts and remember that the span is larger than set track centres or your coaches will be miles away from the platform edge.

Happy modelling, and post some pics when you get it built, would like to see a main line terminus

Bro Sewell
(or Troll as DWB has cristened me!!)
If you have plenty of space theres the Trix model of Dammtor station. It also has an extension to make it 1.2 metres long. Although it's a model of a German station, it's in a classical style and could be a regional station in the UK.

You can see one being built here

Dammtor Station.
Nice looking building neil, shame I dont speak or read german!

If I hadnit already decided on my station I would have a go at that myself, I think your right, it would pass for a u.k main line terminus and a very impresive one too if you added extra spans like you suggested

Bro Sewell
I reckon it would pass as most European nations stations. The site on the link is actually Dutch, and the guy modelling it is using it as a Dutch station. I reckon you could pass it off as York, Perth, or possibly Bristol or Bath amongst others. Newcastle is too curved though.

I really want one but the kits weigh over 10 kilos and will get hammered on postage because I'm in Australia.
You can always send it to me, and save on postage, I'll keep it safe !!
I searched for the link to Dammtor but could'nt find it , I think it's an excellent structure.
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QUOTE I searched for the link to Dammtor but could'nt find it , I think it's an excellent structure.

Which link? The one I posted? I just checked it and it works ok. There was a better one which showed the completed structure I posted in another thread a while back which is unfortunately gone now.

It's a great kit. I am still toying with the idea of fitting it in somewhere.
No worries. I was just concerned the link I posted had gone wrong. They sometimes do.
To build the Dammtor Station with the extensions it will cost £251.33 as ontracks has it on there site £183.66 for the station then £67.67 for the extension bits.
Just to let you see what is possible if you put your mind to it. Here is an HO model of Berlins Anhalter Railway station. This is located in the Berlin Technical museum which has been built on the site of the former station. It's pretty awesome but would take up 6 feet in length I'm told.

Maerklin do a model of this station in Z scale.

I always wanted a scale model of Glasgow Central but when I did the calculations of how big it would be I soon dropped the idea. The size of this model gives an idea why.
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If you have the money, time and skill and relish a challenge have a look at This group are building a replica of Bath Green Park station of the S&DJR/MR and the spectacular overall roof is available as an etched kit from Alan Gibson.
Anyway, the track plan might be of use to you. I am intrigued that you think that coming to London will help you find something suitable - most of the London termini have rather more than 4 - 6 platforms!
[quote nameI am intrigued that you think that coming to London will help you find something suitable - most of the London termini have rather more than 4 - 6 platforms!

i no there is more than six but its the space an money for such a big station would work if i was N scale
The older arrangement at St Pancras (not the new to accomodate Eurostar) had 7 platforms. Charing Cross had six, but was almost entirely electrical multiple units. These are the smallest of the London Termini in platform numbers. (Marylebone is also a relatively small one, and the now extinct Broad Street also had, I think, 6 platforms at most.)

For a medium-sized terminus you need to look at termini distant from London - eg sea-side towns (Penzance, Scarborough?) or towns on secondary main-lines (LMS Oxford Rewley Road - building now preserved at Bucks Railway Centre). Plenty of books about with track plans, especially the Middleton Press ones.

John Webb
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