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What a brilliant idea.

The engine in the colour picture will almost certainly be one of the Brighton 0-6-2T engines, and quite likeley E4 or E4X (lighter than the E6s). I've got an article on the **** branch in my Railway Magazine edition circa 1937, I will attempt to find it this weekend. The BW picture could possibly be a small 0-6-0T but that would be straining with a single coach on the ****, maybe the D1 0-4-2T was more likely.

I also suggest people visit Devil's **** and live the legend. There is nothing quite like a warm South Westerly wind blowing through your hair while walking on the South Downs. Went to school on the 'Steyning Stinker'.... eyes misting over...

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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