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I actually once ("some time ago") traced the **** branch from "**** Junction" (Just West of Aldrington (Halt) Previously **** Junction Halt), where the alignment could then be seen heading inland past an industrial unit (Behind Amherst Crescent). The route was quite clear then, and can still be picked out from "gaps" on maps. (I have used Google Maps to trace the route…) After crossing (Under) the Old Shoreham Road , the line follows some industrial sheds, behind the south side of Maple Gardens. Then Elm Drive (Past what looks to be a graveyard). The route is taken by a "track" (Small road) for a while, behind the south side of Rowan Avenue. Then there is a small park on the line. (It is amazing how easy it is to trace the route, so long after closure! The Back garden fences follow the route to this day! When we were exploring, some sections of embankment could still be seen near to the site of a road bridge.) The Hangleton Road has covered a section, but the line's route continues to be used by a side road! The route continues between across Westway Close and between Kingston Close and Poplar Avenue (Note the Tree Names of the roads.). Some recent buildings even follow the alignment. Then Through a school grounds, and across Northease Drive. The buildings to the East of Poplar Close are on the line. A small road uses the route northwards for a while. Between Sherbourne Road and Hangleton Way the route almost disappears, but a diagonal boundary shows the way, and the route becomes a track to the East of a large building on the North side of Hangleton Way. Since I was last there, The A27 Bypass has cut across the route. But, because the line was in use as a path, a bridge has been built. From here a path follows the railway until it come to a fork junction. Somewhere here hides the remains of Golf Club Halt. (This was a far as I got from Aldrington, it was getting late, so we headed for home!) The farm track that goes to the West is the way to go, though I think the actual railway was just to the East of the track, where the rough growth and trees are. (Google Maps drops a scale along here, so if you are using the largest scale, you have to zoom out a notch.) The farm track swings onto the railway route, and passes what look to be some "Mobile Homes", before arriving at the farm. Just past the farm, is the site of The **** Station. A hollow surrounded by bushes and trees.

The "other" Railways Of Devil's ****" were a cable way across the **** itself, (The concrete foundations of its towers are still to be found.) and a "Cliff Railway" down the North Slope towards Poynings. The site of this can be seen on Google Maps, as a darker slope (It is actually very steep!) into trees. The remains of the top station are also visible.

If you enter Devils **** into Google maps, Tag D is the Devils **** Pub. The Fork Junction and Golf Club Halt is to the East of here. Follow the track!
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