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Steam from Moscow to Vladivostoc

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I found this news clip on the BBC today (I suggest opening it in a new window. It resized my Firefox and not to my advantage) - Luxury Trans-Siberian train unveiled If you stick it out to the end you will be rewarded with a drive past of the 2-10-2 (?) which provides the motive power.

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Aah the PM36. beautifull loco. yes it is a 2-10-2. sort of the ultimate developement of the FD.
I keep having ideas in the back of my mind for a diorama or russian stock. i want to try building it to HO standards but using P4 axles. (i believe it scales to within an inch of prototype!)

I dont have any accurate drawings of a PM36 (i have a simple weight diagram) so if any of you know where i can find some please let me know. i am also looking for a copy of the russian rolling stock diagram books (both coaches and freight) so if any of you happen to be visiting russia or have one spare.....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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