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steaming problem/

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Ive tried a few times to fire an Aster 'Tiger' with no success.
Ive cut the wicks short,had them long had them splayed out and nothing happens pressure wise?
It can empty the tank with zero results. There are a couple of tiny drips but not enough to stop it building pressure?
Any ideas would be welcome as to what Im doing wrong?
I have a few coal and gas fired engines that I can fire no problem its just this one!!
Many thanks,


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You might try waiting for a cold day and take it out to an unheated shed or garage. Get it heated up for a decent period of time, then remove the burner. With the burner removed, any escaping steam should be more clearly noticeable, it may be there is a leak, which is disguised by the heat of the flames.

I hope you find the leak soon, that must be rather frustrating.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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