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I have scratch built some modern log wagons.
I have purchased some old brick wagons and used the bogies off these.

They don't run, the steel axles short the track out !

I looked on the internet and found out that some of these axles have an insulating bush one side. These don't !

Is it back to the drawing board?

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Possibly you have done this already, but I would start by checking each wheelset to find out if any are insulated one side. Because if they are, then these all have to be same way around, if the bogie and wagon construction riding on the bogies is metal.

But if that's no go, then were these brick wagons the pressed tinplate Hornby Dublo three rail type? If so your options range between substituting plastic wheels on the existing axles, replacement insulated wheelsets in the existing bogies, to using modern plastic bogies; kits from the likes of Parkside, or RTR spares if you can find any.

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Just so, sounds like you have old Dublo three rail items, when Dublo went two rail they used an alternative wheel set that was universal with a steel axle a plastic centre that included the hub, spokes and the internal rim and then they used a metal tyre.
These axles come in two types basically pointed axles or round end ones and I imagine that if you have old dublo bogies you will have round end axles.
Getting hard to get these items now but the wheels you want post the end of Hornby Dublo are by Wrenn as initially Triang took over Hornby Dublo but the was a case of monopolistic operations and so they were obliged to sell Dublo to Wrenn but kept the name. It all got a bit messy about 1965!
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