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QUOTE (John Webb @ 16 Oct 2007, 23:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Pat's book quoted in my previous post says the chassis was made in very large quantities for cheap locos for beginners' sets. So there are a lot out there somewhere.

Yes,absolutely!-these are dead common!

Wheelbase is 33mm, -8'3" at 4mm scale,Wheel diameter is 16mm,-4' at 4mm scale..i.e. way too big for the majority of industrial 0-4-0's.

Earlier ones had an X04 motor,the last ones had the Scalextric type motor in a plastic cradle that slotted into the X04 chassis cut-out.

AFAIK the Triang Steeplecab is a generic design,stretched to fit that X04-powered chassis,many prototypes are actually quite small locos..
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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