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Whilst I can sympathise with people who loath the stickers, they're there to stop price swapping and putting them on extra outer packaging (e.g. cellophane) is just wasteful of finite global resources. Also it depends if the stickers are hard to remove and this depends mainly on whether you get cardboard boxes or plastic - as a European N modeller then fortunately everything from Minitrix, Fleischmann, Roco, Arnold etc. comes in a plastic box - if I wanted to remove the labels then you can get safe label removers (can't remember the name of the stuff I use but it smells of oranges) but I think they're quite fun - like stickers on suitcases or stamps in your passport from non-EU countries etc.

As long as they don't put the stickers on the models themselves...

Also, there's nothing more fun that buying an item second-hand off eBay in mint condition and thinking 'what a bargain' when it arrives with a big fat expensive first-hand price sticker (of course it could arrive and you think '
', but that's fun too in a sadomasochistic way!) 'Win win' so to speak!

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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