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QUOTE (Henning @ 6 Mar 2008, 08:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello!

As second I'm looking for cars and lorries for my N-gauge layout but I only know Fleet-Line and Langley which produce only in white-metal.

And at least I'm searching for some links or information about traffic-signs in the time from 1945-1970?

It is very difficult here in Germany to get some information to build a British layout and so I want to try it on this way.

Hi Henning,
Your time period slightly overlaps the time when the International style of road signs replaced the traditional cast plate types, around 1963, I believe. Since main line steam finished in 1968, I would suggest sticking to the older traditional style. As mentioned, these are made by Tiny Signs.
There is a small range of N vehicle kits produced by Scale Link, though they tend to be of the older pattern, but certainly OK for use up to the early 1960s. Though whitemetal they are of a good quality, not solid blocks.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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