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Yesterday I've got the first "Granite Stone Walls" from Hornby Lyddle End and I was a little disappointed. The colour is unusual but "repairable". But the breaks are very bad to conceal. Is there anyone who has an idea if there are some other makers of such stone walls for N-gauge or has someone produced own stone walls?

As second I'm looking for cars and lorries for my N-gauge layout but I only know Fleet-Line and Langley which produce only in white-metal.

And at least I'm searching for some links or information about traffic-signs in the time from 1945-1970?

It is very difficult here in Germany to get some information to build a British layout and so I want to try it on this way.
My first attempts could be seen in this years march issue of the Railway Modeller page 176:

Many thanks for all answers!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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