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QUOTE (upnick @ 18 Sep 2008, 07:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All,

After trying a loco tonight using NCE procab on the prog track before running i went to the programme screen and pressed 1 as usual and waited i got the manufacturer number back as 255, then the decoder version 255, the decoder is a TCS M1 usual readings are manufacturer 153 & decoder version 46 I looked on the NMRA DCC Manufacturer ID Numbers table and no manufacturer uses number 255
is there an explination for this strange readback.

I place it on the main track and it ran fine on its address 763 i wanted to change the address so back to the programme track i entered CV 30 bit 2 and now all it will run on is the factory 03 address and wont respond to readdressing though it reads the CV's ok.

Also is there a chart for decoder version numbers as it would be useful, i have included DCC Manufacturer ID Numbers table here for anyone who might need it for future reference.

DCC Manufactueres ID numbers table

Best Regards.

***Nick, the 255 number is a faulty read.

it can indicate the installation has a problem and is marginal - either bad contact or partial short where it shouldn't be (enough to fritz a programming attempt but not yet enough to cause damage

it can indicate that the wheels aren't getting the power to the decoder properly during the read. This is common with N as its so low in weight it often has poor wheel to track contact

The fact that you are getting reduced programmability says to me that one or both of the above are in play.

double check your install - a marginal contact at the wrong place may be causing it, and it may damage the decoder

clean the programming track and wheels thoroughly.
make sure that all wheels are picking up properly - check with a meter probe on each wheel and on the appropriate decoder wire - sometimes the problems between wheel and pickup not wheel and track

if its N try programming with some weight on the loco - a finger pressing down etc.... low mass means fragile pickup quality sometimes.

If reset really is needed CV30 to 2, and do it several times if it doesn't take

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