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Well, this one is a bit more trickey. i have seen it done buy hand but to be honest it has always looked like it was done by hand!.

Coronation stripes were not as many think just a white stripe. they were actually thin dark blue pinstripe-wide silver stripe-thin dark blue pinstripe.

I cant remember for certain but i think the fox transfers only represent the silver and not the pinstripe down the sides.

I really dont know what to suggest here. (i could suggest that you buy a painted loco shell but that would just be taking the p#@£*!)
I think i would start buy at least ordering the fox transfers. even if you never use them they will tell you what the stripes look like flat. if they do have the blue pinstripe than i would just use them. if not then i might try and make the effort to correct this mistake. but it would not be easy. i would stick with the transfers and see if there was enough carrier film around the edges to take a line. it wouyld need a really good bow pen. the bob moore is too course and i think it would go through the carrier film (its great for some things but this is not the right application for it) you are going to need to play with some card tamplates to do the lining at the nose end, start buy making a template in plasticard to the shape you require. then stick another piece a little smaller to either side. this will stop capilary action sucking paint under the template. also it will enable you to use the same former for left and right hand stripes simply buy turning it over. i think you will need a template for each stripe.

THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY i suggest you make do with just having silver stripes.

I am trying to think of how i would do this. i think i would simply use the fox transfers and forget all the faffing about. but if you really wanted to paint it then i would get some masking film and place the fox transfers on top and cut right through the transfer and the masking tape so you had pieces of tape that were the right shape for the lines.

Even that is going to be a bugger to get right. you are much better off just using the transfers.

I know from your other post that you dont really like using transfers. the stripes on the corrie are much wider and the transfer will be much easier to get right than the red stripe on the GNER. (no white colour intensifier strip for starters)

Good luck with it

The fox website is a pet hate of mine but the reference for the blue loco stripes is (drum roll please) FRH4220

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