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Stunning Custome Service From Hornby

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I feel it is only right to share the wonderful customer service that I have received from Hornby this week.

I have been a customer of Hornby for most of my life, and on the odd occasions I have needed to send something back I have always been impressed with the service received.
Normally the problem is sorted in around a week, two at the outside. This week exceeded all my expectations.

Earlier this year i purchased a Hornby R2647 Class 56 Diesel in Sector Livery. Fantastic Model in my opinion. Checked it all over when I bought it and then put it away in it's box, as I don't currently have a layout after a house move last year. More recently I also purchased an R2489 Class 60 in Loadhaul livery, last one the retailer had, just one small problem of a missing lamp bracket at one end.

A few weeks ago I unpacked the 56 again to give it a test run on a little oval of track, in the box 2 of the sprung buffers had popped out, and as I examined the loco a third one popped onto the floor.
I understand this has been a problem with a fair number of the early 56s, as Hornby have used a different method of securing the sprung buffers with little O rings. Also the lights did not work at the rear.

So on Tuesday I carefully packaged up both locos and sent them to Hornby with a covering letter. So Hornby would have received them on Wednesday 3rd, Popping home at lunchtime yesterday there was a card through the door, and upon going to the sorting office I find it is a parcel from Hornby! Yes, they had sorted the problems out within 24 hours of receiving my parcel. A new chassis fitted to the 56, and a new body supplied for the 60.

Stunning service that deserves to be publicised. A very happy customer me...a customer for life.

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