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QUOTE (Brian @ 17 Apr 2008, 13:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all
Yesterday my May issue of Railway Modeller plopped through the letterbox.
Attached to the address sheet was a renewal of subscription reminder. 12 issues for £39 from July 08. Nearly filled it in and returned it, but then whilst reading through the magazine I came across an advert to take out an annual subscription for RM - 14 issues for the price of 12 at £39. Now why hasn't this offer been extended to their existing subscribers?
Come on Peco do you really think this is correct.

Guess which one has been sent off

Hi Brian
If you take another look at the advert it does state that all existing loyal subscribers won't lose out - the offer will apply when you renew!
I received a note to that effect when I renewed recently and received an acknowledgement.
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