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Hi, I'm building a layout based on a south east of Scotland small town branch line (twin track) terminus. To put you in the picture, It will have a single platform with bay, and couple of sidings and a decent sized goods shed. The layout is L shaped, 8ft by 2ft, and 10ft by 2ft. The station will form the 8 by 2ft section, then scenic section before entering fiddle yard. I don't want a massive fiddle yard, and plan to use about 5ft by 1ft to the rear of the board, for 3 or four tracks. In front of this I want another scenic railway use. This is where I need some input. I did fancy a small village branchline terminus with some rural industry, but now have changed my mind to go for a small engine shed, twin track and various supplementary equipment to show off a range of locomotives being serviced. The era will be late steam early diesel. Any suggestions for the layout would be appreciated. I figure a turntable would probably be too much for such a small engine shed, and rob valuable space. But what size coaling stage etc would be appropriate. Unlike the town terminus I don't have any real example to base it on so any examples of some small engine sheds or layouts would be much appreciated.
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