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Suitable for magazine

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I have just posted a reply in the General Discussion forum regarding buses and how long they would have been in service.

This follows on from several letters in the magazine and if you wish to include it in the magazine at a future date please feel free to do so.

I am returning to railway modelling after an abscence of 25 years or so (oh Father I have sinned) and find the Hornby Magazine relatively easy to read in comparison to a magazine that has been established for much longer.

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Thanks for the note. We've got articles on buses planned for future issues, so watch this space for more information in due course.

Great to hear you are enjoying the magazine!

Mike Wild, Editor.
QUOTE (Mike Wild @ 29 May 2008, 16:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We've got articles on buses planned for future issues,

That's good to know - they're my other major interest after the railways.

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