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I have used Sundeala board for over 30 years. I find it easy to work with and it suits my type of modelling. It has never been affected by the small amounts of water used in scenery construction and when adequately supported (as per previous posts) it has never warped. No doubt there are other materials that will do the job just as well but if you really want to use Sundeala in a normal domestic environment and can obtain correctly stored flat sheets then I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
QUOTE If I use Sundeala Board it seems that I must brace every 30cms. My question is that in my layout plan I have a couple of areas which have quite a few points and it is impossible to miss having a support under a point so how do I house the point motor if the support beam is in the way - can the motor be located to the side or does it have to be directly under the point? My original idea was to miss out a brace but it seems that the board will then sag!

I assume that you will be using something like 21mm x 44mm timber for the bracing. If so, have you considered increasing the depth of timber used by about 18-21mm so that you can make a small cutout in the bracing to accommodate the point motor? It might be worth doing this if you have a lot of points that coincide with the bracing. On my present N-Gauge layout I have similar problems with points so I have actually sandwiched a strip of 18mm x 18mm timber between the normal bracing and the Sundeala. This makes it easier to remove pieces for the point motors.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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