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I’m rather new to this place so don’t know if I’m posting in the right place.

Basically I just got two packs of a super elevation kit from West Hill Wagonworks and I’m stumped at fitting them to two curves on my layout.

I got twelve of each spacer which the numbers and sizes of each are:

6 x S0 - 0.75mm Super Elevation Wedges
6 x S1 - 1.4mm Super Elevation Wedges
6 x S2 - 2mm Super Elevation Wedges
6 x S3 - 2.75mm Super Elevation Wedges

So basically I just need to know how far I would need to have them on the curves. I know the S0 would go first before the start of the curves and then go up but don’t know about the spacing.

I’ve got a photo here showing the curves in question here.
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First step - don't know if the elevation kit provider mentions it - is that the level track height above datum should ideally be half that of the maximum cant applied: that way the centre of gravity of the train stays consistent from level to canted and back to level.

Never used this kit so no specific advice to offer, other than I wouldn't exceed 1 in 200 in the transitions between level and full cant, and would much prefer more like 1 in 400. Some experimentation with full trains of the stock you plan to run to ensure reliable running is advisable. I have had to introduce a little more flexibility in some coaches to make them completely reliable at the front of long trains, where the flange loading is greatest. You don't see anything as the wheel lifts off while on the curve, and the derailment then makes itself known on the straight and level at the next point.
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