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In the monthly email that I get from Ontracks is the following statement.

Superquick Card Models - Clearance

" With the growth of Hornby Skaledale buildings, we've seen a decline in demand for traditional card building kits. The OO scale Superquick range is one of the oldest Card kit ranges and we've decided to stop selling the range from this month. All existing models are now reduced in price, so hurry to pick them up whilst stock remains "

Not sure if this hearlds the end of Superquick card modelling but if any one is interested I would buy them now before it's to late.

I personally used to be tired of seeing pictures in the magazines of the same Superquick buildings ( cinema and the row of shops) in virtually every layout.

Maybe in ten years every layout will be equiped with Skaledale buildings and they all will look the same again.

I also used to spot the very "twee" Peco back scenes again every layout used them they should be consigned to the bin
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