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QUOTE (andyG @ 11 Jul 2007, 13:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I personally used to be tired of seeing pictures in the magazines of the same Superquick buildings ( cinema and the row of shops) in virtually every layout.

Maybe in ten years every layout will be equiped with Skaledale buildings and they all will look the same again.

I don't think that matters too much - most layouts happily live on their own in the owner's home and comparisons mainly happen in magazines.

I am not so sure that Skaledale is that much better than card kits. Both have that classic model building look in their own particular way. The Skaledale buildings may have more texture, but that's about it. I can see why they appeal to modellers though and how they've established their place in the market.

Having decided that scratchbuilding is not for me, I much prefer plastic kit buildings. May require time and effort painting, but they do yield a far better compromise between realism and skills required. And they allow to practise weathering skills on something far less precious than a loco... :)

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