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Supplement 70 years of Hornby Dublo

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I found the Hornby Dublo Supplement included with the latest issue of Horby Magazine dull and boring. Michael Shaw added nothing to Pat Hammond's material and then some of it was repeated for a third time in Under the Hammer. There was nothing original in any of it so I am not sure where all this "research" fitted in. It is called 70 years but there is nothing after 1966!!

Given it is Hornby magazine one would have thought it could have done a better job than the other magazines and would have included some genuinely interesting and unique archive material. I am sure if Pat Hammond had been given the whole supplement it might have achieved this.

To end on a postive note the Hornby Magazine itself continues to be an excellent read
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Given that Hornby Dublo went out of business in 1965 and its history has been comprehensively covered by Michael Foster, there can't be much left to be said. I'm not surprised there was nothing new in it, although I also picked up in the repetition between the articles. However I thought the centre spread layout was worth it on its own being typically Dublo in nature.

The overall magazine continues to be good, although I personally think it peaked about 2 or 3 issues ago and is now getting a bit samey as the other mags.

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