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I have found, the issue with the Wills corrugated sheets is their thickness....and the need to seriously thin down all visible edges.

I still have a mine structure I built years ago...[US prototypes]....a ply box, some ore chutes, and a long piece of square section wood as a covered conveyor...all clad inn corrugated sheeting.....a metal staircase to a door,lightshades, etc....

Being a tightwad, I made my corrugated sheets from tinfoil foodtrays....[washed first, to get rid of the crusty mash]......cut into strips scaled to standard tin sheet sizes...and then impressed with something like an appropriate bolt thread, or a comb, or whatever...that gives what seem to be the right size for corrugations.

of course, these sheets are a tad fragile, and unlike Wills sheets, which can form the actual structure sheets needed a backing wall/roof of card/wood/ plasticard .

upside of my sheets were, they could be bent/distorted randomely as per real sheets...and would respond nicely to some etchant on the edges, for that frilly, rusted out look??
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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