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Surely this is a typo.

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Ok guys I have just been surfing the web and they have included the prices of the seperate items that are on the Bachmann Dynamis site.

I was horrified to see what price they are quoting for the Pro box itself £164.95. I'm sorry but according to what I've seen on my local model railway supplier in Stockton they have it on at 13.95. Please someone tell me the price on the Bachmann site is a mistype. If it isn't then I will most definately be selling my unit and getting something else.

This link is what my local retailer has it as on their page.

Let me know what you guys think please.

There is still no release date as yet but at least they are updating the site.
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Well i've sent a question to them just to confirm if it is a typo or not. We will see when and if they reply as to what they say.
Thanks for the replies to this subject guys.

I've actually seen the published price in black and white that the actual pro box is priced at 13.95 that my local retailer have based their website details on as it was sent by bachmann itself.

And I have just confirmed with my local shop that it is the price listed. Although there is a line saying prices are subject to change. But surely there is a limit as to how much they are going to change.

I know no matter what is said on here nothing is going to change but it does stink a little that they have lured many a consumer in and even listed to dealers that the price of the pro box being so cheap and if they have taken pre-orders for it I can't help but wonder how many people will be returning their basic dynamis systems and plumping for something else.

I myself are one of those people who is either considering selling the dynamis and going somewhere else or even taking a membership with MERG and buying their kit for reading and programming decoders prior to installation to byass having to buy the pro box if it is going to be that price.
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Yeah I agree with the point that no other of the big retailers have prices on at this time but I have in my hands at the moment a copy of the price lists from the Bachmann price list. See below in the pic of a scan I have taken of the list.

I've been back in contact with the local shop and they have now changed the price on the website to reflect the so called new price that is on the bachmann dynamis page.

Now I don't want anyone getting into trouble about this but I am annoyed that they have changed the price of it and yes I know I can just change my system but where else can I get something that I find as easy to work with as the Dynamis.

I mean I am happy with the Dynamis as it is but having to pay more than what the origional kit costs just to be able to read decoders and have a seperate track away from the layout for programming it just makes me a little upset.

Basically I am going to have to either bite the bullet and pay what they are now asking for change the whole system and pay more than I really want to for it.

And I take back what I said about bachmann apparently luring anyone into thinking that they would have a cheap system.
But thankyou for the chance to have a rant.


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