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Surface mounted point motor with polarity swtich?

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Two of my freight yard points are going to need surface motors as the they are directly above the table framework. I know you can get surface mounted motors but my question is which ones are best that have the polarity switch as my points are all modded. I will also need to cover them somehow as both are on scene.

Many thanks
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You could use a Peco PL10 mounted on a PL12 base, with the PL13 accessory switch on top. Then have a lineside hut or signal box to disguise it.
Neither the Peco PL13 or the Hornby R8243 surface mounting point motors can have direct fitting switches (unlike the PL10 or R8014).
You could fit micro switches opposite the moving tie bar so as the point is moved over or back the micro switch makes or breaks its contacts?
I have seen a PL13 switch bonded to the underside of a point directly under the tie bar and a Hornby style track pin also bonded into the hole in the tie bar and then passing down through the PL13 to operate it, but it does mean digging out a suitably sized recess in the top of the baseboard to accept the PL13 and wiring.
The only other alternative as is stated by RFS and use a building or removable scenery etc to hide the motor and switch assembly, a bit like this example....

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Go to and have a look at their new point motor.


Is this the one? Point motor Enter Point motor in the search box Part No 4554
I cant see any mention or connections for point operated change-over switch contacts on it?
It also appears to be operating the points from the far end rather then across the motor somewhere?
I'm going to go with the motor flashbang posted and hide the mechanism. Do they come with the little arm or will I have to make that?

With these two motors I'll have my freight yard ready for under board wiring to be completetd.
The PL12 base comes with the arm - see picture at Hattons

Not to be confused with the PL9 base that's for mounting underneath the baseboard.
Yes, as stated they do come with an arm fitted.
My one has had the factory fitted operating arm removed and a longer one made up from a piece of Plastikard (that's why its currently white and is pending painting) as I needed a longer reach than the ready made one offered with the PL12
Also the signal box is to be replaced with a Townstreet one as a soon as I have put it together.
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