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Swanage & Bournmouth W 1950

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Hello, I am looking for a scale plan of Swanage & Bournemouth West around the post war period, all the track diagrams I have found are not to scale or do not give any idea of scale. Could someone please help and tell me if they know of any sources for plans for the above 2 stations.

many thanks
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I am modelling the swanage branch in O and have used the maps in the middleton press book 'The Swanage Branch' the maps are to OS scales and there are ones covering all the changes to the track layout. I have changed the layout to suit the space I have and have moved the bay crossover to the first two freight roads to make operation more interesting. The bay X'over was taken out in 1938/9 as far as I have been able to discover.

For Bournemouth West you are best looking at the historical OS maps, some of these can be downloaded for free, upto 1919 I think, but otherwise the 25in to the mile series is the one to buy as this gives all the station on two maps and will allow you to scale easily.

You may be able to get a BR map from the NRM at York as they do have some for parts of the country and they show the actual rail layouts with the gauge at approx 3mm on paper but I think they are quite expensive.

hope this helps.

mike g
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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