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[quote name='dieselweasel' date='4 May 2007, 09:53' post='28041']
I've seen piemanlargers video clips of his 158 with sound, and have also emailed SWD to see if they've sampled a rarer "Perkins" engined one.......I've also posted on the MREmag site about my misgivings.

The Perkins engine has a deeper, more rattly sound, and to me, this is the sound that the SWD one gives out. SWD have told me that they sampled a Cummins one, but to me it doesn't sound right. It may be due to the limitation of the sound on piemanlargers youtube video.

Perhaps this a cummins engine with a different note to those that you are used too? And yes, the u-tube clips are done on a cheap compact, not ideal sound and motion cature.

But, a DMU has a horizontal engine. Stand on one side and you'll hear a noisy engine, because of the valvegear and combustion sounds. Stand on the other, and its a smoother and much quieter, as you're listening to the bottom end of the engine. Have SWD thought about this, and do they "mix" the two sounds ?

If you hear the two different sounds while on different sides of the unit, I dont understand why you want them mixed as if you could hear both sides at once? I`d prefere the noisy side

Plus, there is the rise and fall in engine revs on starting off, as the engine revs before the transmission fills with oil, and then drops as the load is imposed on it.
Do SWD incorporate this in their sounds, and advise users on appropriate CV values to trigger it ?

I'm sorry to open a can of worms here and perhaps be a bit pedantic, but if it's worth doing then its worth doing correctly. Although boring prototypes, the sound side of diesel hydrualic traction is more interesting and more difficult to replicate.
Indeed, is this kind of attention to detail possible in DCC, or am I expecting too much ?

i think you are expecting too much. you have to consider that there is only 2 minutes of sound availble on the chip. If the 158 as it is does not make you happy dont buy it. However, for me its the best 158 sound chip around! Sound will develope over the coming years if not months. For me, I look at any model now hat does not have sound and I can not help but think how poor and unrealistic it is, they may as well be unpainted. Who ever heard a quiet train!

And to me, the horn is all wrong - far too low. If a basic like that is wrong, then suspicions arise about the rest of the package. I don't have a website but can post a 158 horn sound to anyone who wants to hear the real thing.

Again, you seem to be presuming that every member of a class will sound exactly the same. I have numerous 158 pass the bottom of my garden every day and I can assure you not all 158 sound the same. There will be future 158 projects, with different horns recorded from different units. Perhaps you should wait, though it may be next year, for one of these?

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QUOTE (dieselweasel @ 4 May 2007, 10:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Make sure if you record something that it is representative of the majority !

That is not always possible.
I am happy, many people have ordered the chip so we can presume they were happy with the clips, you obviuosly will wait until another version comes along.

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QUOTE (dieselweasel @ 4 May 2007, 23:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What do you mean not always possible ? 158's work throughout the country. Stand at Leeds, Plymouth, inverness, Manchester, Doncaster. you'll hear and see them in action. Might be different if its a class 28 sound chip.

To get a decent reacording, or at least for SWd to get the recording to the standard they wish, you must have a very quiet recording situation so no background noises are picked up. Therefore, recording on general station platforms though very easy, I dont think will produce the results they wish to produce.

Are you connected to SWD or just a "satisfied customer" ?

I, like many other am a satisfied customer. I have been installing sound chips for the past two years. One thing that is different about SWd is the customer service. You will find, if you approach them correctly that both Steve and Caroline (thats the whole staff of SWD) are very friendly, willing to listen to customers and where able take on board suggestions. I am responsible for the buffer clash and coupling sound we hear on the SWd chiips, it was i who originally suggested it a couple of years ago as an extra play factor sound.

I don't mean to "have a go" - I enjoy your youtube postings and the layout is good work.
But I get the impression from this and other postings that you have "inside gen" on future releases, and have fitted the 158 chip which SWDs website says is "coming soon", so shouldn't be generally available ?

You are quite free to have a go if you wish. I spent £100 on a class 33 sound chip from Mr.Soundguy/Dcc supplies and it is very poor, so I had a go! I have been offered an updated version, but I am still waiting some 3 months later for details on how this is to come about. Needless to say at the moment I am not impressed and will not spend or recommend any one else to part with cash for one.

I understand your views on the 158 not sounding how you think it should, but you have to accept that there is at least one 158 in the country that sounds like this sound chip, its where the recording came from. As I said, i believe there will be other horns on future 158 chips (mk 2 version if you like) but these will not be done probably until next year due to Steve's other work commitments (SWD is a second job, not the job that pays the bills) and bachmann projects.
There is a simular situation with the SWd 47, apparently there was somthing not quite right with the engine and an experienced 47 fitter correctly picked it out of the recording and named the loco used. No general punter who has heard mine has ever picked it up though, to them it sounds just like a 47.

Again, like a few others who have helped and supported SWD from almost the start, i am given some information that I can not disclose until a certain time. All my locos are sound chipped, as for me its the most realistic part of railway modelling that has always been missing. More than that though, I find it much more Fun with sound. I do try to keep fun in my hobby, though I have to admit I was disapointed at many of the standard of "exhibition" layouts at the bristol show yesterday. One of the poorest shows I have been to in the last 5 years.

You should have checked the SWD website befor the bit about the 158 as it was updated on may 1st to say they were available

Just so we all know...

Hope to have been of help and insite.
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