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Swiss HO For sale... Up scaling

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Hi All,

Thanks for the kind remarks on my Swiss Shunter layout... however.. having spent the weekend and just come back from my pals, and have experienced the joy of digital sound in Lenz O scale and British G1... ESU Loksound wowee... I am hooked.... big time. I cannot live without sound !!

I have slept on my decision and all my HO is going.. lock stock and barrel to assist financing my upscale to O gauge... ( can't afford G1 scale)

A few images, you have already seen on my other topic

Visit My layout

Before I put them on fleabay for best offers,, I thought I'd ask you guys.. If interested PM me with your email addy and I shall send you my list.. some of my stock is out of production.. so I could have just what you want.. or you can email me direct on My email

I am happy to accept cheque or Pay Pal payments . this is a 100% genuine sale.. my ebay id is
swb104 where you will find I have 100% positive feedback.

I am currently compiling my list and photographs... so give me a while to respond.If interested do give me a shout..

Buyers can collect, I live in West Midlands UK.. or I can post to UK or Europe.. any further is okay providing you agree to pay Royal Mail exhorbitant postal rates and pay me in Sterling

Needless to say, I shall be taking a loss on most of the stuff, but am looking to at least cover my start up in the BIG O scale scene.

I shall be back, once this lot is sold, with my new O gauge layout from conception to birth

Watch this space...

Steve B

(Fickle am we
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pics of sale items uploaded here.

Visit My Website


Ohh No,

Just when I ordered the Brawa Migros wagon!

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Sorry Baykal.. wasn't intentional !

here's my list

a) u/b AKU 3 x BLS GKLM type wagons, kit built, (not by me) converted to NEM couplings ( by me) Roco unversal couplings fitted. Rare in UK, Good condition £21 set of 3.
(contikits have sold these for £18 each!)

b, u/b AKU Wartech Bier Wagon kit built ( not by me ) average - average condition £6

c) u/b AKU Fbk SBB open wagon kit built ( not by me) NEM coupling converted, NO couplings a bit tatty £4

d) Boxed AKU Kbkm Kabel Stake wagon RTR with all detail parts still sealed incl Etch plates for coils.Roco Model of year 1999. As New £9

e) Boxed Roco 46831 SBB Gs Wagon Boxed Unversal couplings good cond £5.00

f) Boxed Liliput L 240104 set 4x SBB K4 wagons, all different, factory weathered Mint UNUSED AS NEW £30 (cost £43)

g) Boxed Brawa 2042 set of 4 x SBB Kuhl wagons Mint Posed for photos only, 2 weeks old £30 (cost £39)


a) Boxed Trix 22727 SBB de 6/6 Baby Krok, Brown, metal body fitted DCC decoder , fantastic movement lovely runner. DC jumper supplied if you want it to run on standard dc ( lights work on both dc /dcc) buffer hoses /detail parts to be added. £85

b. Boxed Trix 22316 SBBEe3/3 Shunter, red, metal body, fitted DCC high quality zimo decoder AND fitted both ends with the Krois Digital Coupling system.. which works using F1 & F2 functions.. I can explain more if you wish.. but digital uncoupling is s treat. The decoder has been programmed with a creep function so that it it will move up the wagon you are uncoupling to relieve tension then uncouple & move away.. This is a rare model now, even rarer with this system fitted.
V Good condition £100 note :THIS ONE IS ONLY DCC /DIGITAL !

c) Boxed. Roco 63537 SBB De 4/4 Green Baggage car, DCC decoder fitted, jumper supplied to convert back to DC if desired. Some detail parts fitted, others in bag supplied. Usual Roco quality.. a little noisier than I'd like... but running in would help.V Good Condition £70

d)Boxed. Rivarossi 1661 SBB Em 3/3 a lovely vintage(1988) model, runs very nicely , with Beuhler motor and flywheel. DCC fitted with F3 half speed function and LED directional lights F1 & F2. Good condition £70

Trix 66602 HO wheel cleaning brush.. hardly used,, ( I run DCC , remember!! ) Boxed £5.

Postage & insurance is obviously extra, and depends on what you buy and where I have to post it !

Any questions, please ask away.. Multiple purchase offers considered

I shall leave these listed till saturday, then if not sold they go on ebay..

Buildings and accessories at a later date.


Steve B

For the fastest on the button buyer...
all the above adds up to £435 will accept £380 and free postage to UK buyer for the lot, and I shall add some freebies to the package
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Not very much Interest

My O gauge track has now arrived, it is HUGE compared to HO

However, I now need to recoup some of my outlay.. I am looking for best offers over £300 for the collection above.
Sensible offers considered..

If no takers, or the price ain't right... then it ends up on fleabay. I cannot focus on the new project till this is all shifted, the clock is ticking....


Steve B
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I quite fancy the baby crock but money is a bit tight right now (i have just paid the council tax) so i have to pass for now.

All items now SOLD !!

Thanks for the interest

Steve B
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The BIG O stuff has started to arrive and boy is it BIG !!

I shall start a blog or new thread, once my new project gets under way

Meanwhile this must be what they mean by "size matters"

an O scale medium point compared to a HO scale medium point !

More when my new project gets under way

Steve B
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I was waiting for the scenery etc to come on the market. Will it?


QUOTE (BRITHO @ 1 Jun 2007, 13:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was waiting for the scenery etc to come on the market. Will it?



Hi John,
yes, once I have packaged & sent the rolling stock off, I shall prepare a list of the buildings I have available. Be another week or so before I get to those, though.
If there is anything specific you have seen, and are interested in please email /pm me..

hi guys n gals

the first trickle of my HO layout remnants is now on fleabay

Visit My ebay auctions

Only couplings, point motors and points.
The couplings are Roco 43050 universals, IMHO, the best Euro couplings there are. with a built in pre-uncoupling feature, great for shunting /switching

In around a weeks time , I shall list here ( moderators permitting) my buildings, road vehicles and figures from my HO Swiss layout that will be for sale, before putting them on fleabay.

Sales to go towards paying for my new arrival


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Very nice loco Steve.


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okay guys,

have started to trickle some of my HO stuff onto fleabay..

Visit My ebay sales of HO stuff

Offers considered, as is sending to Euroland if postage can be agreed.

Still more to come yet

Steve B
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