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SwitchPILOT hookup for Dwarf yard lights

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I need help working an HO dwarf signal light with my Shinohara point.

Scale: HO
Controller: ECoS ESU
Decoder: SwitchPilot Servo (51802) May 2008 version
Servo: Tower Pro (SG90)
Yard Light: Green over Red (2mm LEDs made Railroad 2 aspects Dwarf Signals Lights Green/Red - three wires, red, green, common)

Basically, I have used all 4 positions for servos on the SwitchPilot and want to wire Dwarf yard lights indicating which routs are active. I understand how to wire the yard light directly to the track. However, I would rather have them connected through the decoder if possible.

1) Can this be done without having to purchase a SwitchPilot Extender?
2) If so how should I wire it?
3) If not, how does the dwarf light get wired to the SwitchPilot Extender so that it works when I switch the point?

Any thoughts/assistance would be greatly appreciated... :>)
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I have provided power for a signal lamp in my semaphore by tapping the 5v rail to the servo. The circuit can be deduced from this post - link - in the topic where I blogged building the second signal.

I control my signals and points using Switch Pilots Servos and Switch Pilot Extensions.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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